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The original company, John F. Messaritis representations was founded in 1950 by John F. Messaritis and was taken over in 1971 by his sons George John Messaritis, ( D.Electronics, BBA ) and Fotis Messaritis, ( BBA, MBA ), under the name George J.Messaritis and Co. It became George John Messaritis and Co Ltd, a limited liability company in 1978.

By the end of 1981, MESSTECO was founded, where the main executive was Fotis J.Messaritis. Sole executive of G.J.Messaritis and Co Ltd remained Mr George J.Messaritis. In 1992 the GEORGE MESSARITIS company was formed, that has undertaken all the activities of G.J. Messaritis & Co. Ltd.

At the beginning of 2007 the third generation entered the office and Mr Stephen Messaritis ( BBA,MBA ) joined the company. On January 1st 2012 Mr George Messaritis retired and passed all its activities to the newly established company Stephen Messaritis.

Mr George Messaritis will be active in the new company as General Consultant.


Specializing in ...

  • Hydrography, Oceanography, Meteorology, Marine Geology, Mineral Exploration
  • Laboratory and forensics supplies for CID
  • Traffic Monitoring System

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